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As you all know, I've arranged for the Peter Mayer Group's Star's & Promises Christmas tour to be held at First Baptist Church again this year. The difference of last Concert & this year is the following:
Pete gave me a huge discount before because it was not a Christmas Concert, the whole Band would not be coming & they would be traveling on the Smaller RV & not the Big RV. This year the whole band will be traveling along with a huge amount of equipment, staging, lighting, & traveling on the Big RV so that the entire band can sleep from show to show. There is no discount for this sought after show & we as a Community are so very lucky to have gotten them this year, especially on a Saturday which is a night everyone wants. They're only able to do 7 shows this year verses the normal 14 to 18!! The cost last time is 4 times the amount for the show this year. How this works is, I have to raise all the money up front before the show to cover expenses for the Band through Sponsorships in hopes that ALL TICKET SALES will go straight to my Charity.

The name of the Charity is COR - Center of Redemption (for human trafficking) which has become a BIG problem here in our City. I would like to send the info out to surrounding Clubs & or contacts if you could send me that info would be most helpful. Could you also resend out to our club members the following info?

This is not something I just woke up one day & decided to do but rather guided through the Holy Spirit & since the first show found that its something I LOVE doing. Since I've had several folks ask how much money I'm making off this, I would like to clear up that I'm NOT making a dime, just self gratification!

You may purchase tickets at my Store, Poodles Island Wear on Water St. Downtown Wilmington, NC or you can buy online at ; Adult $25, Child $10, Adult VIP Seating $40, Child VIP Seating $20 (14 & under) there is a $3.00 fee for online Credit Card purchase.

I would like to ask all of you if you could help in any way to be a sponsor on top of your Ticket purchase to help out with expense of the Band. Also: if you have friends or businesses that you personally know & could help me out in asking if they would like to be a sponsor & of course it would be a write off since it is a Charity Event. Any help that you can assist me with would be greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions.

November 12, 2013 | Registered CommenterBill Davis